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About NFTs

NFTs are limited edition, crypto-collectibles you can hold, sell, give away, or enjoy. 


NFTS: a NEW KINd of Possession

Pretty much everyone understand possessions: possessions are things we own. We can keep them, sell them, give them away, and use them. 

Kinds of Possessions

Possessions can be physical objects, visible in the world, things we keep in our rooms or in our pockets. Or larger things like houses or cars, where our ownership is recorded in a deed or at the motor vehicle office. 

But some possessions are more abstract: like stock in a company. Or a season ticket. Possessions like these work because you can count on delivery of whatever ownership of them represents. You can sell your stock, or wave your ticket at the gate and experience an event.


A New Kind of Possession

The NFT (which stands for “Non-Fungible Token” by the way, a technical term you don’t need to remember) falls somewhere in between the physical and the abstract.

NFTs are like physical possessions because they exist in the world as unique objects. Digital objects, but objects nonetheless. They live on a blockchain that no one company or person controls, along with a record of who owns them. The blockchain is like the physical world, and the NFT is an object in that world.

NFTs are also like abstract possessions in that they promise delivery of some kind of experience or value. While there are different kinds of NFTs, ours are collectibles, which means you can keep them, sell them, give them to someone else as a gift, and enjoy the visual or aesthetic experience they provide.


The Value of NFTs

You may ask, will the value of my NFT change over time? There’s no way of knowing that, and certainly NFTShirts won’t ever make any claim that they will or won’t. As for any possession, only the market can decide their value at any given time.


Taking Possession

In the meantime, they are yours to hold and enjoy, collect or sell, or give to others. If you have an Ethereum wallet (Ethereum is a flavor of blockchain), we’ll send the NFT that comes with your purchase to it. If you don’t now have a wallet, no matter. We’ll hold onto it for you.


Ethereum Wallets to Consider

Trust Wallet for iOS and Android mobile devices

Metamask for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera desktop browsers



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